Whakatipu Beech Seeding Project

The Wakatipu Beech Seeding Project was a 3-year, joint research project between the Whakatipu Wilding Control Group (WCG) and the Whakatipu Reforestation Trust, with technical support from Ahika Consulting Limited, Scion Research Institute and the University of Otago.

This community-based project explored the viability and efficiency of broadcasting native seed into stands of sprayed wilding conifers as a way of facilitating the restoration of these areas of dead trees back into native forest. At present, many of these sites have limited native seed sources nearby and so weed species can end up recolonising these areas instead.

Wakatipu Beech Seeding Project

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Detailed results from the Wakatipu Beech Seeding Project are also presented in the following report: Paul T, Scott M, Lennox H, Lord J, 2020, “Restoring wildings stands in the Wakatipu Basin by seeding native trees”.


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Ngā Kākano Whakahau: The Seeds Project, a collaboration between the QEII National Trust, Department of Conservation and University of Otago, is developing practical methods for the large scale establishment of native forest from seeds. However, the project is as much about below-ground rehabilitation as it is about above ground revegetation and is especially focused on protocols that can be implemented by community groups. Click here for more information.