No Trace Events – Be the change you want to see in the world.

Date: 13th September 2021

Last year, Sebastian, Alejandro & Charlie – the founding partners of No Trace Events – visited our Community Nursery to learn about our history, our work and our vision.  They had a fledgling idea to bring beautiful music to beautiful locations and to leave no trace, and they were on the lookout for community based conservation organisations that aligned with their values of sustainability and the environment.  

As we wandered around the nursery, I shared the history of the Trust, and how we had grown from an idea to create a small native plant nursery supplying natives to a few sites around Queenstown.  So too, No Trace Events, started as an idea borne out of Covid lockdown.  At a time where it is easy to feel discouraged and cynical about the state of the world, Sebastian, Alejandro & Charlie are taking positive steps to create a better future.  No Trace Events creates amazing parties that make me want to be in my 20s again!  However, these parties have some not-so-subtle underlying themes.  Firstly, they leave no trace – they use biodegradable wristbands at events, and drinks are either served in fully recyclable cans or reusable tumblers made from RPET that get cleaned and reused after each event. Secondly, 10% of all their profits are donated to conservation.  In their first year, No Trace donated the equivalent of 504 native trees to WRT!  They also support Kiwi Birdlife Park, as well as various ocean conservation groups including The Coral Gardeners, 4Ocean, Sea Shepherd and the Reef Alliance.  This level of support speaks volumes to their commitment to make a real difference to land and sea conservation.

Additionally, No Trace has a strong focus on using their influence to educate their party goers.  Early next year, they are planning a multi day music festival, which will be kicking off with a series of interactive environment / sustainability focused workshops.  Not your average start to a music festival!

Last Autumn, the No Trace team joined us planting natives at Whitechapel Reserve.  It was one of those memorably wet days, when really you just wanted to stay home!  But despite the rain and wind, the team put on their raincoats and when planting was over they turned up the music to help us celebrate having planted 50,000 natives.  It was great to have the additional fun and energy of music accompanying our community BBQ! 

We at WRT are grateful that No Trace has chosen to support our work and vision.  And we are proud of these young men who have chosen to walk the path of “being the change they want to see in the world.”

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