Educate for Nature – Nurturing Environmental Stewardship

Date: 31st May 2021

Globally, awareness of climate change and the impact of biodiversity loss has sparked broad community interest in understanding what we can do locally to make a difference.  At the very heart of making a difference is the underlying need for education to raise awareness across the generations, and the need to build a culture of stewardship / kaitiakitanga. 

Our Founders and Trustees have always understood and valued the role of education and need for community engagement in order to achieve our vision of restoring Whakatipu’s biodiversity.  Education was established as one of our four key pillars when the Trust first started in 2014.   Through our Community Nursery in Jardine Park, we have hosted many school and community groups for hands-on learning sessions about native plants and the role they play in our environment.  

In 2021, thanks to funding from the ORC EcoFund, we launched Educate for Nature, a unique, locally relevant, environmental education programme, that spans the generations from school aged children to adults.  Educate for Nature is jointly delivered by two part time roles, our Education & Outreach Officer and Nursery Manager.  

We are seeking partnerships / sponsorships from within our community to fully fund this programme and support us in achieving our vision.  For more information about our learning programs and how to partner with us, please visit Educate for Nature on our website, or email us at  

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