Community Planting Days

Community planting days are a great chance to head out to a beautiful location, get your hands dirty and enjoy a morning in the fresh air. You will see first hand where plants from the nursery end up and help to restore our native biodiversity & mitigate climate change, one plant at a time. 

Absolutely everyone is welcome, and no experience is required as our core volunteers will show you step by step how to plant a tree to ensure each plant has the best chance of survival in a non-garden setting. 

Planting days are a great way to take tangible action for our local environment, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. 

WHAT TO BRING: Gardening gloves, shovel (if you have one),  sturdy footwear, water, sunscreen & a hat.  

Keystone Site Planting Days

Our Keystone Sites are large, multi-year planting projects on public land. Our vision is to create wildlife corridors that will, in turn, attract native birds, lizards & invertebrates back into the basin, significantly enhancing the biodiversity of the region.  Below are dates for our volunteer community planting days in spring 2024. 

All planting days are drop-in style between 9am – 12 noon.

Saturday, 7th September – Whitechapel Reserve

  • Plants: 1500
  • Location: Whitechapel Road, Arrow Junction
  • Parking: Adjacent to planting site
  • Followed by a Community BBQ to celebrate the start of spring planting season!

Saturday, 14th September – Lake Hayes Pavilion

  • Plants: 1500
  • Location: Lake Hayes Pavilion
  • Parking: At Lake Hayes Pavilion

Saturday, 21st September – Slope Hill Recreation Reserve

  • Plants: 1000
  • Location: Approximately 1km along Slope Hill Road (access via Speargrass Flat Road ONLY) – on the right-hand side of the bike trail
  • Parking: Look for the WRT flag on the left